Two rather interesting pieces on the Buckleys


Here and here.


  1. “I tried to read him when I did because I thought of him as the opposition and I wanted to know what the opposition said and thought, or I thought I did, but too often it was too awful, too enraging, to finish. I knew civilized people were supposed to read the ideas of people who disagreed with them and at least think about them. In this way I was not so civilized.”

    This passage tells us all we need to know – that the mind which stops in uncivilized Paris 1789, disregarding Cicero and Quintilian, can never produce truly great writing.

  2. Brian Jobe says

    Yeah, that column on AIDS and tattoos wasn’t his best.

    Still, all that fawning over Pat is … so Gay.

    Thanks for the tip. I depend on you and JOB for these pieces on the fringe of journalism. Which is to say, anything not posted at National Review or Real Clear Politics.

  3. Big Jon Bully says

    Thanks Broderick, great stuff.

  4. Big Jon Bully says

    Thanks Broderick, great stuff per usual

  5. Big Jon Bully says

    So, newspapers are dead; the novel is dead; Leonard Cohen said that man and woman are a shining artifact of the past and now blogging is dead. Everything is death. The best lack all conviction…

    You’re a real bummer, man.

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