bishop in drag

Here I was all set to vent my journalistic outrage (and privately, I did) regarding this kuffuffle, when a more staid and sober friend sent along the above as Exhibit A for The Possible Reason Behind the Reason Mularkey Had to Go

She also engages in a lot of modernist talk about art that I’m not sure squares with Catholic aesthetics – but I’ll let the philosophes among us make that call…

“Dorfman is an artist who understands that. The animated tactility of his work testifies to the obstinate fact that art comes to us from gifted hands in service to an eye. At the end of the day, sensibility is everything.”

As my friend asks, whither transcendence?



  1. Big Jon Bully says

    That’s some ugly shit. Recalls the best of early 1980s San Francisco law firm corporate art. “Go buy something for the walls,” they said.

    Great post, thanks.

  2. Right as always, Big Jon:

    aureen Mullarkey has exhibited at the National Academy of Design, The Clocktower, G.W. Einstein & Co., Brooklyn Museum, Trenton City Museum, The Parrish Art Museum, Fordham University, University of Bridgeport, Hurlbutt Gallery (Greenwich CT), Cortland Jessup Gallery (Provincetown MA & NYC), Gallery Camino Real (Boca Raton FL), First Street Gallery (NYC) among others. Her latest solo exhibition was at Rittenhouse Fine Art, Philadelphia. Her work is included in various *****corporate******* and private collections.

  3. Big Jon Bully says

    It’s a white man’s world.

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