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Meet the Mariners new coach…


A veteran with a long career, the roots of which run back to a place near another place that begins with an S.


  1. Big Jon Bully says:

    Coon Valley’s favorite son.

    This time for REAL. How many managers in the last 15 years…

    Thanks, JOB.

  2. Big Jon Bully says:

    The players will beat him up because they don’t like his face.

  3. Brian Jobe says:

    No kidding? In that case, I will renew my optimism for one more season.

    • Brian Jobe says:

      An optimism which, it should be said, I cannot maintain for a certain other sports team. It’s Green Bay, all the way!

      • Brian Jobe says:

        Oh yeah, you’re a Giants fan. Well, good luck to ya …

        • Luck, yes. And a good does of the “healthies” for team members currently sidelined…

          But I think it will be GB all the way, objectively speaking. Or at least, probably GB and the Patriots. Last year’s self-destruction of the Green against Seattle still stings this only collectively/locally (kollektively/lokally?) owned football team in the league…


  4. Big Jon Bully says:

    Only bloggers have this level of discourse.

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