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Look, just because I dropped off the face of the earth — or at least the Internet, which amounts to the same thing, because if a tree falls in the forest and you don’t post the video to Facebook, then do you even exist? — doesn’t mean the rest of you are allowed to just not post some mention of FOK Bernardo Aparicio Garcia’s essay over at Vox about growing up in Escobar’s Colombia. Kudos, Mr. Dappled Things!


  1. Big Jon Bully says

    Great article. It is fascinating how the mundane life can keep going even while society is collapsing. Thanks.

  2. FOKBernardo says

    Thanks for the mention! Glad you liked the article. Mundane life goes on indeed. There’s much more of that in the memoir if I ever get it published.

    It is an honor to be referred to as a FOK. In return, I’m thinking of referring to you all as Friends of Aparicio Garcia…

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