Two Short Poems about German History

Industrial Strength Jadra
For access to the Baltic Sea,
Germany had to transfigure
Gdansk into Danzig. Schwer:
Poles inhabit the entire city.

Shifting Borders Among German Speaking Peoples from Archaic Times to the Present
Hops the men grew for beer the men pissed
were reason enough for any irredentist.


  1. Big Jon Bully says


  2. Dentists refuse to fix my teeth and in fact have created sharp edges that mean I have to sleep with a flannel in my mouth. Can you suggest something- not in the form of a poem – that will wear them down gradually so that they don’t cut my tongue.

  3. Quin Finnegan says

    Hi Louise,

    Are you certain about the dentists being responsible? I myself have chipped and broken teeth that were then too sharp for my tongue. I can imagine that if this happened right after the appointment, it might seem like the dentist was responsible when in fact it was a matter of bad luck and bad timing and perhaps a calcium deficiency. I’d maybe find another dentist or bring it up with your regular physician. He might be able to proscribe something. I myself consume a great deal of medication, and I haven’t chipped a tooth in a while. Ergo, ipso, tu quoque, etc.

    Thanks for writing, Louise. Sorry about the Latin, but I did manage to avoid versifying. Which is no easy task these days, as perhap you have noticed.


  4. Rufus McCain says

    Yawol, genau.

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