What color is your survivalist retreat?


Sometday, you may find yourself with about 50 other Catholic families and about 250 other Catholic kids at a 300-acre Vacation Bible Camp in the mountains, and you may find yourself called upon to sing a toast after the kids are in their tents/cabins/RVs and it’s just you and the more bibulous of the camp’s grownups.

We don’t need no last names here
‘Cause we’re all in God’s family
We’ve liquor in the wilderness
For watering the family tree

So gather all you parents here
And pour a round for every kid
You’re gonna need a bellyful
When I tell you what your first born did

We drunkly pass the faith along
There oughtta be a name for us
So come and raise your glasses to
Al-Catholics Anonymous


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    What happens in Vacation Bible Camp stays in Vacation Bible Camp.

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Until you post it on the internet, anyway.

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