The Last Crawdad, Man!

Since the Kollektiv isn’t traveling south this year, Korrektiv Kollektiv: Soldiers Grove Unit decided to bring Nawlins up to Cheeseland for an evening in honor of Third Oldest Daughter’s birthday… That’s her in the middle with her sisters posing as Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos…

Spin, measure, cut...spin, measure, cut.... spin, measure, cut. OK. Got it.

Spin, measure, cut…spin, measure, cut…. spin, measure, cut. OK. Got it.

Just a taste of what we’ll be missing this October – but, we hope, not next year…


All mine…?


Dad’s crawdads….

Let the games begin!

Let the games begin!


Crawdads and uncles…

Still life with escrevisse and cousins

Still life with escrevisse and cousins and beer can.

Mudbugs in the milieu...

Mudbugs in the milieu…

Hand and claw...

Hand and claw…

Bernadette's Feast

Bernadette’s Feast

One fine evening in southwest Wisconsin...

One fine evening in southwest Wisconsin…

Don't forget the pie (One apple and one berry).

Don’t forget the pie (One apple and one berry).


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    Great looking family, man. Can’t wait to see em all in person. I now feel bad for the scurrilous claims made in the preceding post. Decidedly unwholesome, compared to this healthy crew.

  2. Big Jon Bully says

    So beautiful, thanks.

  3. Broderick Barker says

    Oh good grief. I hate you. That’s awesome.

    • Hee hee!

      • Broderick Barker says

        Yeah, well I had dinner with Canon Meney on Thursday night. He sends his regards.

        • No way! That’s great! He’s a great example of how poorly we’ve misjudged the French!

          He and Father Berns (who first turned him onto this wholly American pursuit) would go bowhunting back in the day.

          Do give him my regards!


  4. Nice work O’Brien. That’s not a “Kiss the cook” apron you’ve got on, is it?

  5. Big Jon Bully says

    Biggest insects I ever et.

  6. Love how you snuck “Bernadette’s Feast” in there… 😉

    Take THAT, Isak Dinesen!

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