The blog ate my postwork.

No, seriously, guys. I had this big, big post full of juicy links about the postponed Percy conference, the possible Indiana Summit, the Walker Percy Weekend, David Foster Wallace, Angelico, et alia, but when I clicked Publish, it vanished to a realm beyond the reach of even the most zealous NSA data collection protocol. Dang.

In protest, I am linking to an unfinished chapter of The Last Gentlemen, which introduces the mysterious Mr. Potter.


  1. Nice try. But you’re still going to have to clean the boards after school…


  2. Rufus McCain says

    What do you mean the NSA data *collection* protocol. They’re the ones who zapped your post. Nice bit of work on the Last Genital Contact in the Cosmos thing.

  3. Great stuff, coming along well … full of mercy and good fruits. Emphasis on mercy.

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