Two Short Poems about the Pacific Ocean

Nagoya, Japan, 1987
After college I was hard struck
with a severe bout of wanderlust.
I went East (directionally, west)
and there, with a kind of luck,
found that truth is yonder, rust
eternal, but the present blessed.

Bellevue, Washington, 1988
At dusk, I’d sit on the back porch watching bats flit
through the trees, which they never seemed to hit.


  1. Louise Orrock says

    That’s reminded me of something. If one of the German government builidngs is called, apparently, the Bellevue Palace, does that mean the Germans thought the Americans mad, or vice versa, or neither?

    • Quin Finnegan says

      Thanks for stopping by, Louise. Always good to read your comments. I just read that the Bellevue Palace is the home for no less than the president. Speaking only for myself, I’d rather be led by the present inmate of Bellevue Palace than current resident of the Weißes Haus.

  2. I really like the rhymes in the first one – they, um, bristle. I may be overusing that word, but I blame Henry James.


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