This is why I don’t blog much anymore.

This morning, I’ve been giggling over the notion of this:


Slogan: “Oil Oil. The only oil oily enough to be called Oil Oil.” Say it out loud two or three times, and you’ll shake your head at my stupidity, promise.


  1. Oilicious!


  2. Quin Finnegan says

    That “O” in “Oil” is a flat circle.

  3. Quin Finnegan says

    Now who’s the slippery one?!

  4. Bernardo says

    Are you sure it’s not an imperative? Oil that oil! Oil it good!

  5. Not that I haven’t been missing your blogging but I gotta say… if you look in the right places, Twitter can be a weird and wondrous place.
    (two of the participants are on your “sources consulted list” btw)

    • oh wait nvm its only Clare Coffey of Babes in Babylon (I mixed up the first name of one of them)
      But yeah illiberal Catholic (sometimes misandrist) Twitter before and after dark is pretty cool.
      Have found a few Percy fans, but not as many as I’d think. Apparently annoyance with Dreher may have translated into ignoring one of Rod’s favorite authors by proxy.

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