Badger Korrektiv


Yep, just like the proverbial blister – showing up after the work is done. That is in fact JOB staying the hell out of the way of men who actually know what they’re doing as he heads to Twin Cities for something called the Argument of the Month Club as chauffeur for ten good men in Driver 8, including Matt Korger, Wisconsin’s Own Blogging Superstar of the Catholic Blogosphere, who was there to document the crash course with zaniness.

We were done in under 20 minutes with plenty of time for beer and appetizers…

Enough to make even the Old Man proud.


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    Argument of the Month sounds even better than Toastmasters. Although … might it as well be a contest to see who can quote Aquinas most effectively?

    Good times, I’m sure.

    • Quin, all men eat “real food” in a church basement and watch two notable speakers (usually) argue a point of Church teaching or Christendom.

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    See also: the Quickhatch!

  3. My brother in law (let’s call him BILIC) is connecting with running the Argument of the Month there.

    The truth is this: every Catholic knows each other by three degrees of separation in the Upper Midwest.

    So how was it?

    • Everything I expected and then some.

      Food/beverage/speakers were all excellent. A first class show for sure!


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