Two Short Poems About Fashion Designers

Fashion Their Passion
“Well! You certainly have a fine
looking tie, M. Blass,” said M. Saint
Laurent, fluffing his own pavonine
ascot, he himself looking très bien.

Fashionable Exclamation
When the models walked
out on the runway, dressed
so tastefully in Vera Wang,
the audience wore a shocked
demeanor, best expressed
with a boldface interabang.


  1. The Best Representation of the Shocked Expression the Audience Wore When the Models Walked Out on the Runway, Dressed So Tastefully in Vera Wang says

  2. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    The only thing more vulgar than advertising the fact that one’s clothes are not bespoke[n] is advertising the fact that they are.

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