Another find from the files of Paucity Limits


Then there’s this, from someone who makes Mr. Stillman seem positively diarrhetic…


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    And some say the Novel is toast. Jebus.

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    I’m putting dibs on that as a title for one of mine, six or seven others down the line. Toast.

    • ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      “It’s toasted”
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      THINK of a cigarette “served” to you as appetizingly as the hot, buttered toast that comes to your breakfast table.

      Well, that’s the idea on this new Lucky Strike cigarette: the tobacco–it’s toasted. There’s a thought to make your mouth water for a new cigarette flavor.

      Until we discovered the toasting principle, a good ready-made cigarette from Burley tobacco wasn’t possible; flavor wouldn’t hold.

      Yet there was the big million-man-power affection for Burley–50 million pounds poured from those green, blue and red tin boxes last year.

      The old kitchen stove–the toasting fork

      So we worked five years–then came the big simple idea of toasting the tobacco to hold the flavor. Now, enjoy a really delicious new cigarette flavor: Lucky Strike–the real Burley cigarette–it’s toasted.

      Our men will demonstrate to you how the tobacco is toasted–at many stores

  3. Broderick Barker says

    Paucity Limits and the Mystery of the Curtailed Output

    Paucity Limits and the Unfinished Screenplay

    Paucity Limits and the Updated Decameron

    Paucity Limits and the Addition to the House of Words

    Paucity Limits and the Great American Catholic Novel

    An exciting new series, coming soon from Korrektiv Press!

  4. Louise Orrock says

    I’ve seen better.

  5. Louise Orrock says

    I was joking – it’s very good. I’ve forgotten who understands if I’m joking. A car has driven past or it’s a sound effect created by the neighbours. I’ve also forgotten if I’ve complained here.

  6. Louise Orrock says

    If I haven’t, then I’m living in a village that I believe to have been the inspiration for, among others, Don’t Look Now, Prisoner in Cell Block H, The Prisoner and perhaps even ‘The Holocaust’. But I feed the animals, including at least one fox, in the garden so don’t want to sell my flat, but if anybody is interested in renting in London, and feeding animals in the garden and on the Green (when the seagulls are there), then please let me know in case the person who has said he wants to backs out. I am planning to be away for six months from late July.

  7. Louise Orrock says

    And I believe that there was a community linked to somewhere called the Philadelphia Association, where the mad lived, and I’ve wondered if this is it, since they tap on the radiators and stove (the gas was cut off for being dangerous, but there is gas from the electric oven sometimes, although at times it seems as though it is just a normal ‘fan assisted oven’), including if I wake at night and try and turn the heating on. Which in the context of things happening in the area may not sound much, but with the touring car circuit, as well, and the fact that there is not a break of more than a few minutes when they don’t seem to try and interact in some way, it’s very stressful and unpleasant, especially when they think I have no other distractions.

  8. Louise Orrock says

    I’ve experienced similar things in some of the hotels I’ve stayed in in the last couple of years while on holiday, but this is a leasehold flat.

  9. Louise Orrock says

    It’s as though Ian Brady and Mary Bell have been given all the cash they want to make an entertaining film.

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