Advent, the Tenth Day: Glen Garioch – 1797 Founders Reserve


Ecce qui mollibus vestiuntur, in dommibus regum sunt.

The bonded trade and the proof of Glen Garioch
Reveal themselves among the skeptic songs
That marked the region, brave yet chary
Of hidden fonts replacing crystal springs.
What’s arid truth but history? Yet Advent
Insists we drink this tenth – another day meant
To stretch Oldmeldrum’s trade of woolen hose
Across the hairy legs of Clio, muse
Of epic fancies. Swirling culminations
Of barley’s virtues, though, discern by nose
And tongue the proper mark – the way the Bruce
Deduced his allies from his dark lustrations.
The lesson learned? A king is known
By crowning deeds, not made by deeded crown.

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