My brother the comedian.

Somebody hire the guy, already. (Don’t forget to turn on sound!)


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Viral marketing for A&W?

  2. I don’t need to charge you for a research report that tells you most television sets are not more than six feet away from the dinner table. And that dinner table is your battlefield and your prize. This is the home your customers really live in. This is your dinner table. Dad likes Sinatra; son likes the Rolling Stones; the TV’s always on, Vietnam playing in the background. The news wins every night. And you’re starving. And not just for dinner.

    What if there was another table – where everybody gets what they want, when they want it? It’s bright; it’s clean; there’s no laundry, no telephone, and no TV. And we can have the connection that we’re hungry for. There may be chaos at home…

    But there’s family supper at Burger Chef.

  3. He’s right. Burgers make the pain go away…but they do nothing about the voices in your head.


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