Happy Feast

sttherese_joan“Yes, yes, a prisoner of Christ, like Paul. Ha ha. Now can we get back to the play?”


  1. Nestled right in there between Jerome and Curtis Sliwa’s folks.


  2. Well, apparently I’m not to be allowed to comment on Angelico’s post, so I will say here, “Thank you, Angelico.” I was thinking today what a tough Little Flower Therese was. She reminds me of this pansy we used to have that grew right next to the driveway. There were no other flowers there and I’m not sure how it happened to be there, but we drove over it with great regularity and it seemed to thrive on being crushed. It was then that I came to the conclusion that when it comes to the modern use of “pansy,” I do not think it means what folks think it means.


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