Apple Releases New U2 Album Pro Bono

“Apple says there’s going to be a new U2 album every day until you buy their stinking watch.”

More details here.


  1. They seem to be on the cutting edge of salesmanship and marketing.


  2. I’m sure it’s something they’ve been mullin’ over for a while…

  3. It was a beautiful day when I heard the new album was free, even if it was just going to be crumbs from their table. It would certainly be so cruel if it wasn’t true. Their ways are mysterious, though Pride may have something to do with it. I found this One isn’t Bad or Magnificent, but still not what I’m looking for. I wouldn’t say it’s even better than the real thing. I prefer an earlier album that I can’t leave behind. I’ll probably listen to it again in a little while.

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