What I did for Matthew Lickona’s birthday

kentucky buck

It’s called a Kentucky Buck  (a mule variation) and it’s coming to a San Diego cocktail review near you!



  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Your parenthetical hypertext had me all set to post a link here in the comments to the obvious cut from almost-eponymous Waits album, until I clicked same (i.e., the hypertext), which led to my seeing and hearing that you had either beaten me to the punch or done my work for me, if not both.

    Have you ever met a cocktail you didn’t like? If so, which is/are your least favorite(s)?

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Who wouldn’t do that for Lickona?

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Two things.
    1. My favorite version of the song.
    2. I don’t see no strawberries.
    3. I am old.

    • There is a mulled piece or two slagging down the side of the shaker.

      But, gift horses and mouths aside, I assure you they’re in there!

    • You’re not too old to start pitching 8 episode miniseries to HBO, Netflix, Amazon or AMC based on Walker Percy novels!
      (I’m engrossed in the Second Coming at the moment and imagining the tv treatment. It might be one of the best to start with since there’s both a male & female protagonist.)

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