The many selves of Krista – or, things to discuss with ourselves over drinks as we watch a sunset/sunrise on Guemes Island

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I thought this an interesting read, worth some discussion, especially since Walker Percy haunts the margins of the piece but never quite makes an appearance:

The Romantic conception of self-knowledge as a quest for “authenticity,” to some extent a revolt against the rigidity of the Enlightenment model, is still very much with us, particularly in the argot of the New Age and self-help movements. More importantly, one must point to the rich tradition of Christian thought and praxis, which assumes that each person is the unique creation and image of a loving God, a duality of body and soul destined for immortality. There are many variants of the Christian discourse on the self, but none of them has ever posited a purely autonomous paradigm of selfhood. Indeed, one might suggest that the postmodern, decentered self is simply the all but inevitable outcome of a process of secularization that began in the 17th century. Robbed of its metaphysical foundation, the Enlightenment or, later, the Romantic self has grown increasingly attenuated and subject to disintegration.


  1. We are dead and our lives are hidden with Christ.

    More here:

  2. “her ambition is {insert ambition here} but her greatest passion is gaming”
    guilty as charged… sort of. It’s one of my favorite pastimes but being a “gamer” hasn’t defined me absolutely, yet, I think.
    I remember the days before we got a computer and first games Lego Island & Lego Racer on the old Win 95 & 98.
    Thanks for posting this piece. I’d never thought about the “self” in terms of gaming before, or at least as it’s examined here.

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