Late to Post

Friend of Korrektiv (FOK) Sam Rocha has a Kickstarter going and he’s done quite well with it. Still a day or so to kick in if you’re so inclined!

Late to Love


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    A worthy project — especially if it helps create a market for an Irenæan straight-edge album based on Adversus Hæreses.

  2. Jonathan,

    Will you tell Mr. Rocha that his facial hair wishes to become a full-fledged beard?

    “Become what you are!”

    -That from a man who know of what he spoke:

    Peace out.


  3. Ironic Catholic says

    Excuse me. We’re now called FOKkers? Which committee came up with that piece of art?

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