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From Day by Day by Robert Lowell (probably Jeb O’Brian’s favorite poet).

NB: A first edition of this book was located in Dauphine Street Books in the French Quarter, a good place to ride the train to if you have the chance.


  1. Most definitely. Reading it now, this poem strikes me as a response to his earlier Beyond the Alps, the poem at the heart of Life Studies describing a train trip from Rome to Paris. All that snow, and yet those killer kings. A black classic, to be sure.

    Many thanks!

  2. What a beautiful poem. Epilogue has always been my favorite in this late collection, but rereading <The Day just now reveals the same sense of peace he seems to have found found there.

    I sprinkled what Lowell-like phrasings I could throughout Under the Overpass, but this is the living model before my poor plaster.

    Thanks again, Jono.

  3. That’s a fine looking nail.

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