Annuntiatio Domini

Cell 3 of the Convent of San Marco by Blessed John of Fiesole, OP (Fra Angelico), 15th Century

Cell 3 of the Convent of San Marco
by Blessed John of Fiesole, OP (Fra Angelico), 15th Century

From the Office of Readings in today’s Liturgy of the Hours, an excerpt from a letter by Pope St Leo the Great:

To pay the debt of our sinful state, a nature that was incapable of suffering was joined to one that could suffer. Thus, in keeping with the healing that we needed, one and the same mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ, was able to die in one nature, and unable to die in the other. [… ]

One and the same person – this must be said over and over again – is truly the Son of God and truly the son of man.


  1. Ah,that one is lovely. I was going to write a blog post that will partially be about all of Fra Angelico’s different paintings of the Annunciation while I was waiting for my husband to have eye surgery, but we can’t even get in a room, and I can’t think in a room full of people with a TV blaring. I could use a cell.


    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      Great minds think alike — and/or, as a Russian saying supposedly has it, ‘Fools agree’: I was also contemplating a post on three Fra Angelico paintings of the Annunciation. My excuse for not writing one was not as good as yours.

      Saints Raphael and Lucy, guard Janet’s husband’s sight!

      • I did finally get something up, but it’s just the pictures with very brief comments. I wish you would write something about the paintings. I would be happy to learn something beyond the “shallow puddle of my own experience.”

        We pray to both those saints daily, Lucy because I’ve had eye surgery 4 times in the past two years and now my husband, and Raphael because I have a daughter that would like to get married. Actually, I think the saint has already done his job already, there are just financial considerations to work out.


        • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

          I’d forgotten about Raphael’s service to Sarah and Tobiah! I hope your own ‘Sarah’ has indeed found a good match.

          Your post on the Annunciation, and the Annunciations, beats anything I could put together at the moment. If and when anything substantial occurs to me, though, you’ll find it here on Korrektiv.

          Prayers continuing for all the eyeballs in your household that need extra help.

  2. Matthew Lickona says


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