The Further Adventures of Fiddleback and Mantilla!

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 9.12.50 AMPoor JOB is getting older, so it should come as no surprise that he forgot to mention one very special variation in his list of liturgical hilarities: the retro-cool fashion of the Old Rite that the kids today find so addictive.

Exhibit A (as if readers of Korrektiv needed any proof): Debra Murphy‘s daughter has taken to making vestments. It’s a curious enough vocation, but smell my bells, she’s even doing them Old School. Moda, indeed!



  1. Considering that our good monsignor’s “fiddleback” green vestments are of such an odd hue that they could be mistaken for a cross between pea soup and the result of a rather volatile upset stomach, this is really neat!
    Love the deep emerald. Would be perfect for “anything but ordinary” time.

  2. What extraordinary form those vestments have!


  3. “the retro-cool fashion of the Old Rite that the kids today find so addictive”

    Yes, if only those foolish kids would get back to the job at hand of making a mess in their dioceses – kinda like these traditionalist Catholic French youth:

    Or perhaps that’s just a fad too…

    At any rate, I think I speak for old fogeys everywhere when I say that I sho’ do miss the felt banners strewn with butterflies and the banjo Mass settings we had as kids…


  4. Music at the first masses I attended was handled by a local couple that worked the lounge circuit in beautiful Blahvue, WA. Casiotone keyboard, Ovation guitar. She in a drop waist dress, he in a … don’t remember. Didn’t slow me down one bit, might even have hurried me along.

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