Make certain.



  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says


  2. Matthew Lickona says

    I dunno. In the cold light of a Saturday morning after Friday night, this sounds alarmingly akin to, “Please make certain to quench all smoldering wicks, and please make certain to bar the gates and not admit any strangers to the kingdom of heaven.”

    • Its in a sacristy, no?

      • Matthew Lickona says

        Precisely. TAGGED WITH: Get me to a confessional.

        • Actually, it’s the notice on the door to the sacristy for the crypt chapel in the cavernous basement of the diocesan building which used to be a seminary and now serves as a senior priest’s home and administrative building for the diocesan curia.

          The crypt chapel is quite the thing (pictures to come?) – all stone and columns and chiaroscuro and low-vaulted ceilings and such: the main altar is flanked with about four or five altars running down each of the side walls of the chapel. These were once used as part of the priest’s praticum back when the Mass wasn’t a color-outside-the-lines-if-you-wish, choose-your-own-adventure hootenanny.

          These days, the senior priests go down there to celebrate their dailies and occasionally a TLM has been known to be celebrated there to, you know, please the lares and daemons in the House of Piety.


  3. Jonathan Potter says

    Please make certain the Heisenberg is tucked in under the lectionary.

  4. Of course, this could be Father Morrison in an alternative universe:


  5. At least it isn’t a sign about firearms.

    Yes, I live in Minnesota. Walk into any church here a few years ago…”No firearms or weapons on the premises.”

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