Korrektiv Press considers name change


The Korrektiv Press board of trustees is set to vote on a proposed name change for the quasi-Catholic press. Rufus McCain, Korrektiv’s semi-reclusive director of prison outreach, has brought forward a motion to re-christen the confusingly-spelled media conglomerate as Glut Press. The small but feisty Kierkegaard-inspired publishing house–referred to elsewhere as a”loose affiliation of bad Catholics”–has a cult following that extends to heretics, pagans, Protestants, attached-lobers, and malcontents across the political and theological spectrum. The board will vote on the name change at their July meeting on Guemes Island in Washington State.


  1. Ironic Catholic says

    Uh huh. It’s going to be read as “Gut Press” now.

    Shouldn’t litterachur fans be willing, nay embrace, the alternative spelling of Corrective?

    Emily Dicksonson is rolling over in her grave.

    Finally, Catholics do not re-christen. Heretics.


  2. At the very least, we should rearrange “Hip Abduction” to a new subtitle: “Abducting the Hip since 1985.”

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