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“We Suck and We Can’t Not Suck”

thWe all have a sense of what’s right and wrong, long-term. We all know on some level not to have the extra slice of pizza. Many of you have probably set up retirement accounts. Many of you probably haven’t contributed enough. Even when we know we’re doing the right thing for the future, there’s no immediate reward for that, and we naturally want what’s rewarding now. It’s why we splurge on unnecessary things and then justify it by saying it’s been a hard week, or we’ll save money later, or what’s one little extra expense? We suck and we can’t not suck. Even when we know what’s absolutely right, it can be unappealing if we don’t get a short-term benefit. Save money for retirement and you actually lose money, effectively, today.

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  1. Matthew Lickona says:

    Gosh, I guess Seattle really miss Ken Griffey, Jr.

  2. Jonathan Webb says:

    Griffey is the ghost that haunts the Mariner cosmos.

  3. The salt in the wound, of course, is taht in all likelihood, your Seachickens are coming into our house to scratch around in our yard and come away with the Vince that we’d worked so hard to –

    Well, never mind that – as you say, we – the Gints – suck, and we can’t not suck…

    Not this year.

    But we do. And now Cano is gone too.

    The one bit of good news is that I hear Murdoch and Ailes are looking to buy Seattle.


  4. Jonathan Webb says:

    By Not Babs do you mean not Barbra Streisand? As in not B.S.?

  5. Great post, Mr. Webb. Many thanks.

  6. Jonathan Potter says:

    I’m going to use this paragraph as my act of contrition the next time I go to confession.

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