Tempus fugit

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Hey look: a customized Rolex Milgauss Revenge watch that tells you death is coming for you! Only $18,757! Maybe you can be buried with it!


  1. Lansing Priest says

    You’d be willing to bury me in your $18,757 Rolex? What an extravagant act of love. Instead, sell it and use the proceeds to open a homeless shelter, or pay for the final parts of Alphonse.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      I confess being tempted to say something about how the homeless I will always have with me, and that it was better to prepare a priest for his burial. But apparently, even I have limits on impious jesting. Must be all this death talk.

      • Lansing Priest says

        You almost took the bait. I’ll have to try harder next time…

        • There’s a chapel somewhere in Wisconsin waiting to be built too….

          A chapel [hands thrown in direction of far hills] to be built.

          A chapel [hands thrown, etc.] to be built!

          A chapel [hands, etc.] to be built!

          (I hope Canisius isn’t reading this….)


          • Lansing Priest says

            I’m praying that I will live to see it completed and have the grace of celebrating at less one Mass there…somewhere in Wisconsin.

            • Matthew Lickona says

              Holy crow. This pretty much has to happen. Even if certain unskilled laborers have to take their vacation time to head north and haul stone for two weeks.

              • Lansing Priest says

                Be careful what you commit to. I spent three days digging, pounding, and hauling and pouring concrete and my arms didn’t work properly for weeks. I’m pretty sure I was given the lighter work. And that was just to complete the easy part of the foundation. But yes, a working vacation does get the job done. Plus the fringe benefits are world class.

                • “arms didn’t work properly for weeks”

                  I believe the Mass you celebrated during that time was illit if not invalid.

                  But I won’t tell.


              • I can vouch for the world classness.

                But it’s the company that makes it so.


  2. Jonathan Webb says

    He got it for fixing Avengers. Whedan took it off his own wrist after Matthew expressed admiration.

    I guess helping the poor is all the rage with this new pope and all. And if you vote Democrat you can have the helping-the-poor cred without selling your own watch. Good times.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      It was kind of a great moment. “But Matt,” said Joss, “It makes no sense for Bruce Banner to tell them he’s always angry and then turn into the Hulk like it’s just something he can control. If that was the case, he wouldn’t have gone into hiding. And he sure as heck wouldn’t have lost it on the helicarrier.”

      “Shhhhhh,” I replied. “You’re straining that giant brain of yours. Do it my way and you’ll make a billion dollars. It’s not about what makes sense. It’s about what feels right.”

      That was a good time.

      • But Joss was smarter than he realized; the movie is consistent:

        Bruce Banner is always angry.

        But even though he can’t make his anger go away, he can sometimes control it. When you see him in his non-Hulk form, you see an angry man who’s managing to suppress or sublimate his anger. And when, at the end of The Avengers, he hulks out, he’s choosing to unleash that anger.

        But just because he can sometimes control his constant anger, and sometimes chooses to release it (and transform into the Hulk), it doesn’t follow that he can always control his constant anger, or that every time he releases his anger, he does so by choice. He can hulk out by choice, but he can also be provoked.

        ‘Nuff said!

        • Matthew Lickona says

          Well of course Skrull Imposter Angelico Nguyen would say that, having a Skrull’s basically inhuman understanding of the passions, of which anger is one.

        • Matthew Lickona says

          AND BEFORE YOU GO ALL SAINT THOMAS ON ME, YOU BESPECTACLED IMPOSTOR: Recall that you need to explain helicarrier Hulk’s unreasoning, uncontrollable rage post-Hulking vs. NYC street fight Hulk’s reasonable, totally controlled (and even witty) conduct.

          • Can’t the hulk even have a bad day?

            “Always” = equivocal.

            “I’ve always wanted to go the Cayman Islands.”

            On the other hand, I have no Thomas at hand, but I’ll get all Alfunky Ligouri on you:

            “A man who does not restrain the impulse of anger, easily falls into hatred towards the person who has been the occasion of his passion. According to Saint Augustine, hatred is nothing else than persevering anger. “Odium est ira diuturno tempore perseverans”. Hence Saint Thomas says, that “anger is sudden, but hatred is lasting”. It appears, then, that in him in whom anger perseveres, hatred also reigns. But some will say: I am the head of the house; I must correct my children and servants, and, when necessary, I must raise my voice against the disorders which I witness. I say in answer: It is one thing to be angry against a brother, and another to be displeased at the sin of a brother. *To be angry against sin is not anger, but Zeal; and therefore it is not only lawful, but it is sometimes a duty.*

            Is this Banner’s deal? Anger at injustice? Is that the sort of anger simmering in him that he can control while the anger at persons (hatred if persevering) is the uncontrollable type?

            Furthermore the moral doctor saith:

            “But our anger must be accompanied with Prudence, and must appear to be directed against sin, but not against the sinner; for if the person whom we correct, perceive that we speak through passion and hatred towards him, the correction will be unprofitable and even mischievous. To be angry, then, against a brother’s sin, is certainly lawful. “He”, says Saint Augustine, “is not angry with a brother, who is angry against a brother’s sin”. It is thus, as David said, we may be angry without sin. “Be ye angry, and sin not” – Psalm 4:5. But, to be angry against a brother on account of the sin which he has committed, is not lawful; because according to Saint Augustine, we are not allowed to hate others for their vices. “Nec propter vitia (licet) homines odisse”.


            I don’t know. Just providing some meat for the bones…


          • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

            Shhhhhh. You’re straining that giant brain of yours. It’s not about what makes sense. It’s about what feels right.

  3. Jonathan Potter says

    The skulls stand for all the Rolex factory workers that have died in Swiss sweat shops.

  4. That Potter and Webb Look says

    Fun or not, pirates are still the baddies.

    • I see what you did there…

    • Matthew Lickona says

      Wasn’t there a ship that sailed under the flag of a rat’s anus?

      • unrelated… though of interest to Matt and Angelico perhaps:
        The stories being told in computer games keep getting, hmm better? Well they’re becoming something. Wish you could get in on this racket somehow Lickona!

        • Well, hello there, Mr. Bloggypants!
          Tell me – are there stories out there about how folks actually do get into that racket?

          • Not sure. It would seem there’s no one way to go about it. There are the odd exception to the rule such as Karen Traviss, writer of the Gears of War tie-in novels being asked to write the game GoW:3 or a guy making a comedic web series getting hired to write Borderlands 2.
            A lot of top tier games writing is collaborative. Everyone wants to work for Bioware, Bethesda, Gearbox, IrrationalGames, UbiSoft, etc so I have no idea what the hiring process is like.
            It seems the DIY approach with an indie game released on Steam would be the best approach to make a name for oneself while retaining creative control, but like anything it takes knowing someone who can/wants to make a game first. That being said, it can be 2d! It doesn’t need next level graphics! Look at Kentucky Route Zero’s trailer for a taste. There’s a chapter in which you find a subterranean cathedral where a janitor regularly plays recordings of a mass though the congregation’s long gone. There’s a lot of potential out there. But I just play the games… :/ no idea of the logistics for creating one.

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