The E-Book and the Surveillance Society



  1. In surveillance society, book reads you!

  2. Green-Eyed Monster says

    How I Spent My Summer Sabbatical

  3. Quin Finnegan says

    My favorite line: “quasi cream puff police state”. Great read, El Pot!

  4. Jonathan Webb says

    Looks excellent. I’ll give it a read, thanks.

  5. Jonathan Webb says

    I left the Back to the Future trilogy in my Amazon cart and an ad for it showed up in another website. They know my every click tendency.

  6. Good essay. I thought the last paragraph was interesting–what difference do you think it makes, though, that the monks, from your example, were listening to an actual human person reading to them, and that they were actually (i.e. bodily) gathered together in one place?

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