Why is Carl Sagan so lonely?

The Awl asks, “Why are we so terrible at contacting aliens?” Carl Sagan is mentioned. Walker Percy is not. Language and intelligence are discussed. Pity the author didn’t present at the Percy Conference. It would have been a lively Q&A.

In other news, The Sparrow sounds absolutely terrifying.


  1. That (passage about The Sparrow) is the spoiler of all spoilers. No need to read the book now!

    It may be for the best anyway because that book left an image in my mind that is both horrific and inescapable.


    • Matthew Lickona says

      You’re right about the spoiler and the image. I just spent some time reading writing about The Sparrow, and I think I need to take a walk in the sunshine for a while. Do you think I should take the link down?

  2. Sunshine is definitely called for.

    I don’t know whether you should or not. I read that book several years ago after seeing it recommended by Amy Welborn. It’s probably the book I most wish I’d never read. Some friends of mine, however, didn’t seem as trouble by it as I was.


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