Potter, late afternoon


photo copy 4


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  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    A mullet weekend: Business up front, party in the back.

  2. One must ordinarily deplore vandalism — yet, the barbarians having once defaced a monument, one should take some measure of consolation from seeing a later barbarian visiting the same wanton destruction upon the earlier barbarian’s brute handiwork. So does the goddess Fortune take away and give back with one and the same turn of her untiring wheel. In the vandalism of vandalism, two wrongs make a right.

    This is the cheering thought which came to me, gentle reader, upon seeing the bottom-most of the two photographs posted above. Dr. Nut is gone, but lingers in our hearts like a sweet and pleasantly almondine aftertaste. Yet what of the once-proud mural of “Emerson’s” “Ginger” “Julep,” a syrupy and no doubt highly toxic latter-day snake oil that was, as I recollect, aggressively and fraudulently advertised to the feeble-minded as a “delicious” and “refreshing” potable? Dear reader, see how it fades and peels into ignominy beneath the illiterate scrawlings of a newer, yet similarly paint-happy, upstart.

    Spin thy wheel, O Fortuna, til injustice turn back on the unjust!

    Tremble, O “Emerson,” and take your just desserts at the table of Belshazzar!


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