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An Eye for an Ear



The Helen Keller Effect.  Triangulate from here for Delta Factor play dates.

True Confessions from Real Librarians


And this is just the tip of the iceberg … can’t help but wonder if one of the people hiding behind these signs is the librarian among us.

Discoveries II

M. Lickona posted about Dauphine Street Books and suggested “Potter had the big find” — so here it is.

The Sovereign Wayfarer

The book itself — a nice plastic-protected dust-jacketed copy of Martin Luschei’s The Sovereign Wayfarer, the first major critical treatment of Percy, published by LSU Press in 1972 — was a pretty good find. But what made the find more extraordinary was a little treasure trove evidently laid in by the book’s previous owner and consisting of three clipped and folded newspaper articles and an essay from the South Atlantic Bulletin. An inventory: 1.) “Walker Percy: Politics, Racism & Literature In The New South,” an interview with Percy published in the November 13, 1970 edition of the Vieux Carre Courier. 2.) “Walker Percy: Struggles With Unbelief,” from the September 21-27, 1972 edition of New Orleans Courier. 3.) “Why I Live Where I Live,” which first appeared in the April 1980 issue of Esquire, reprinted here in the May 4, 1980 edition of Dixie, with a picture of Walker extending his left leg in a fashion reminiscent of that picture of him standing in line at a movie theater years earlier. 4.) “Walker Percy: The Physician as Novelist,” Lewis A. Lawson, South Atlantic Bulletin, May 1972.

Everybody Loves Pizza

It never stops for Ray Barone, laid-off sportswriter turned pizza delivery guy, whose oddball family life consists of a fed up wife, overbearing parents, and an older brother with lifelong jealousy.

The complete first season now available on Korrektiv TV.

Percy Conference New Orleans Architectural Mascot 2013

Last time, we had the Carver theater. This time, well, Dr. Lecter called it.


The Mule

His modus operandi was to take the trolley
downtown from James, buds in his ears, shades,
a trench coat rain or shine, and sheet music
for songs by Porter, Gershwin, and Schubert.
When I once called him maestro, he protested
loudly, his arms waving up and down so vivace
his mack fluttered like a tailcoat at the podium.
On the last trip I saw him he was too decrepit
to use the stairs, and gestured for the lift
with a much more measured use of his hand, lento.
Months later I was told by another passenger
how he’d been busted for muling oxycodone
out of Harborview, in a disguise hiding
the means by which an old man lived for music.

Street photography, St. Joseph’s Abbey

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 12.20.32 AM

It ain’t HCB, but it was still really cool to encounter a Marian-Eucharistic procession while walking back from visiting Percy’s grave. Word was that the place is awash in young men who want to be monks – the numbers way up from years past.

photo copy 9

Check In


A conference is only a conference, but a good cigar is a smoke.

photo copy 10

Brian Jobe on Bourbon Street, Saturday night.

Still lost…

Statue outside the Loyola library and student center that hosted the Walker Percy Conference on Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book:

photo copy 14

In case you cannot read it, his colorful ACLU T-shirt reads, “You Have the Right to Be Yourself.” Meanwhile, these jokers are still trying to locate the thing they allegedly have the right to be…

photo copy 11

Happy All Souls Day from Covington

photo copy 8

Pictured, clockwise from upper left: Matthew, Deirdre, Bunt, Walker


At Dauphine Street Books (open late!)…

photo copy 6

Potter had the big find – I’ll let him tell about, but I was pleased to discover this:

photo copy 7

Happy Halloween from New Orleans


Mrs and Mr Lickona modeling a mimetic death wish in the post-lapsarian Garden District.

Potter, late afternoon


photo copy 4


photo copy 5

A Visit to Walker Percy’s Grave


Still Lost in the Cosmos conference panelists Jonathan, Rachel, and Matthew at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Covington, Louisiana.

The Korrektiv at work

photo copy 3

The Kollektiv at play

Thurs night:

photo copy 2

Friday night, a return to the Ignatius, which has moved and expanded. Seven sins above, seven sinners in the mirror (counting the Tuscany Press contingent). Well, six – someone had to take the picture.

photo copy