Hast Seen the white transcendence of the immanence?


  1. Jonathan Potter says

    So glad to finally see this. You and Jobe really shoulda been on the same panel. Makes a great combo.

    • No kidding. I say The Last Self-Help Book is actually the great american novel, JOB says the great american novel is actually a self-help book.

      And then there’s the name game …

      My God, who can tell it?

  2. Nice work, Mr. JOB!

  3. I was going to do one of those stylized voices myself, namely a tweedy, slightly effeminate Girard-as-Pepe le Pieu for those passages from DD&N, but lacked the courage. Does that courage come natural, or did you find a way to fortify yourself?

  4. The eschaton has been immanentized, I think. Just a little.

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