1. Looking out on the morning rain…

  2. Well, now we have proof. There are people who practice NFP with a “contraceptive mentality.”

    • notrelatedtoted says

      If they were practicing NFP, they wouldn’t be having sex at all!


      \\”That’s a negative, Ghost Rider. The pattern is full.”

      • Alright then, it’s the Pull and Pray method, with a dash of abortion to make it sizzle. The onus is on Onan.

        What I don’t get, is why do they always have to give em a name like “The Pull out Generation?” Do they really think this is the only generation to try it? We’re meeting these people for the first time?

  3. Jonathan Potter says

    “With period-tracker apps, charting your menstrual cycle is no longer the domain of hippies [insert:, hyper-fanatical Catholics,] and IVF patients.”

    It’s fascinating how this rubs right up against Humanae Vitae while being both blissfully ignorant of–and obscenely contrary to–it.

  4. Aw look, now women can use their partners for sex whether or not the other gets any pleasure out of it! Equality for everyone!

  5. Jonathan Webb says

    How many people here would wish for the RAV 4 Genie’s phone number and do you think she uses protection?

    • And it’s a great commercial exactly because it shows how far we’ve come in equality: Only the twice-dumb guy has to work for his wish. Get it?

      Everything is so easy for Pauline and Barbara and Jenny and Steve (that is, if he ever finishes the hormone replacement therapy) and…


      Required reading:

      • Jonathan Webb says

        That’s fine, I would rather work for it. I know that in many states you have to earn over 30K to do better than welfare. In some states a lot more than that. It’s better to work because you have self-respect and your kids learn about work (But-monkey alert: not everyone is able to work and we are all blessed beyond what we deserve.)

        By the way, I have the movie of that short story if you want to borrow it. It’s pretty good.

  6. Jonathan Webb says

    More here:

    Great post, thanks.

  7. I don’t even have a TV, so I guess I’m extremely naive about what is permissible nowadays, but the other night I was watching Master and Commander with friends when a heinous commercial for some product that Trojans makes came on. It was in a nice, clean little neighborhood called Pleasureville where everyone is happy and has their hair blown back by whatever it is you do with whatever it is. What really disturbed me about it was the cheery, Happy Valley atmosphere of the commercial. It could have been an episode of Leave it to Beaver. Nothing sordid or embarrassing or back corner about it. No suggestion that it’s not just normal, mainstream viewing.

    It almost makes germ warfare look appealing.

    Save us.


  8. That’s true, but the hair’s a dead giveaway.


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