The Real Estate of Arcadia – Part I

arcadia 2

Men like you are now caught up in the chase or
Now caring for a pleasant acreage…

I set down hoof gingerly against stone
Recalling small snapshots of Arcadia
Back when estates were paying in stadia
For the capricious and copious horn.

My brethren just sold the last rough parcel
Of sacred grove and the centaurs’ pasture
(And some fifty bowers just for good measure);
So here I am, less myth than sideshow marvel.

Call me George Goatman, though no one else does.
For proof, here’s my panpipe, the stops smutted
With wood-rot where once they sang clean-fluted
Epithalamions. Now each echo is

A dismal buzz as I inspect this burnt-out
Scene of violence, a recent holocaust
Where unconsumed sacrifice stinks, long-past
Its prime and left behind by the devout –

Clear evidence that they cleared the hell out.
I look on with sadness and dejection:
Such scenes spell the end of honest seduction
And indict naiad and faun in a sell-out.


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    I likes Part I.

    How many more parts can we expect?

  2. Smutted!

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