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Slimed! traffics in the R-rated behind-the-scenes shenanigans at the children’s network. “It was like being in a fraternity,” Summers explained as we watched a toddler clamber through a gaping mouth. “It was a bunch of grown-ups doing a kids’ show with zero supervision.” The game show filmed in Philadelphia, on the cheap and away from executives’ watchful eyes, and apparently many things took place on the sly. “One day — and I won’t mention names — I asked someone, ‘Why isn’t this girl at the studio?’ And they said, ‘Uh, I can’t tell ya,’ and I said, ‘tell me,’ and he said, ‘She’s getting an abortion. So-and-so knocked her up.’” Summers shot me a conspiratorial grin. “It was the eighties, you know? There might have been a little experimentation going on there.”

I feel like maybe he shouldn’t have referred to her as a “girl,” just to make it slightly less creepy a conspiracy. Or is he actually referring to one of the teenagers on a Nickelodeon show?(From Catching Up With Marc Summers)


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    I’m pretty sure he’s asking about one of the teenagers on the show.

  2. So, they are trying to make TV shows for children, but behind the scenes they are not all-in. I wonder if any of the women would let me inhale crack smoke from their mouths like in “Bad Lieutenant, Port of Call: New Orleans.”

  3. She opted for the physical challenge.

  4. I hope it wasn’t Christine McGlade – my first ever major celebrity crush.


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