Here Comes Everybody

Spider web; J Schmidt; 1977

We’re gonna need a bigger sidebar. Plus a Venn diagram. I mean, you got us, Korrektiv Press. And the upcoming title (available tomorrow!) from Labora Editions is Surfing with Mel, which started life as a Korrektiv ebook. And the editor over at Tuscany Press is one Joseph O’Brien, who blogs ’round here as JOB. Plus there’s that fancy chat between Korrektiv author Brian Jobe and Wiseblood publisher Joshua Hren. And I was arguing with Greg Wolfe at Image about Catholic fiction way back in 2008. (I sound pretty dumb in that debate, but what else is new?) I’ll list more connections as they are unearthed.


  1. Didn’t we forget a certain web mistress who speeds the visual plow over at a certain favorite Catholic literary journal?


  2. Well, now that I have read about JOB, I once attended a CetT gathering at the home of couple named, I believe, Slattery. He worked for the same Diocesan paper. Do you know him?


  3. Well, there’s the fact that Matthew of Korrektiv is judging DT’s new fiction prize.

  4. That’s beside the obvious Dorian connection mentioned above, of course.

  5. Does it count that your mascot (me) is getting published? 😉

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