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Times are tough all over

Dave Matthews has to hitch a ride to his own concert.

In a stroke of luck for Matthews – and the couple – they were running late for his show so happened to drive past him after taking a back road route.

Kraus was driving as they passed the stranded cyclist – and her boyfriend Joe gasped as he realized who they had passed.

‘We’re going down the road and I’m looking out the window and I see people on the side of the road and I’m like, “That’s Dave”,’ he told Good Morning America.

Everyone, please turn to the appropriate dog-eared page in The Moviegoer.

But nobody can find a match for Holden. By now the couple have caught up with him. The boy holds out a light, nods briefly to Holden’s thanks, then passes on without a flicker of recognition. Holden walks along between them for a second; he and the boy talk briefly, look up at the sky, shake their heads. Holden gives them a pat on the shoulder and moves on ahead.

The boy has done it! He has won title to his own existence, as plenary an existence now as Holden’s, by refusing to be stampeded like the ladies from Hattiesburg. He is a citizen like Holden; two men of the world they are. All at once the world is open to him.


  1. Good thing they didn’t crash on their way to the show …

  2. … or into him, come to think of it.

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      Also answers to ‘Terry’, ‘Timmy’, ‘Bobby’, ‘Zimmy’, ‘RJ’, and ‘Ray’.

      Yes indeed.

  3. Saw this, very cool. Thanks.

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