TAC – London campus?

To think I could have gone further east – and closer to the source – if only I’d waited 25 years…


  1. Is that serious?

    Oh goodness, you can’t imagine with what trepidation I ask that question on this blog.


    • As angels. The only unserious part is my wistfulness – mostly because there are nine souls who depended on my being in California 25 years ago and not London today…

      Ultimate thought experiment in humility: what if your parents never met?


      • Oh no. Not for me. That’s the kind of thing that gave me nightmares when I was young. Not only that, but my mother was a widow when she met my dad, so I have to rejoice that her first husband was killed. It seems so mean.

        It doesn’t seem to be on the website. Where did you hear that. I’ll have to tell my daughter (Class of 2010).


        • Oh, I see what you’re asking now.

          Yes, my apologies – it has nothing to do with TAC (unless TAC was consulted – which I don’t doubt) but the college is, in every sense of the word, real.

          What’s interesting is that they give a hat tip to the American colleges – presumably TAC, Christendom, Wyoming Catholic, Thomas More, Magdalen (and I’m sure a few others I’m forgetting) – on which Benedictus was modeled.

          Also, given the name, I wonder to what extent the document B16 wrote facilitating Anglican reception into the Catholic Church had on the formation of the college…


  2. Oh darn. I didn’t even look at the video. I’m a bit stupid since a tree fell on me–well, there was a roof between me and the tree, but still.



  3. Wasn’t Benedictus rated the #2 party school? Right behind the London school of Economics? Seems they needed you as well.

  4. Southern Expat says

    If only we knew a professor on the Continent. You know, one of our sort. (“Our” meaning “people who visit Korrektiv.”)

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