Dorian is coming….

She’s coming fast and hard with vengeful spite:
You’d better ready yourself now
As she prepares to sweep
The beaches bare,
Her eye
Will spy
Most anywhere
The rapey, killy creep
Who dares to scare her brood – and blow,
This mother will, with ever-loving might!


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Eye see what you did there.

    • It’s a new form I’ve invented – the procella – a sort of meteorological Clerihew:

      A chiastic decima within which the iambic lines contract and then enlarge: 5 beats, 4 beats, 3, beats, 2 beats, etc.

      The theme is most often praise with any or all of the classic elements of an encomium:

      I. Origin and Birth
      A. Origin
      – race
      – country
      – ancestors
      – parents
      B. Birth
      – phenomena at birth
      (stars, visions, etc.)
      – family
      II. Nurture and Training
      A. Education
      – teachers
      – arts, skills
      – laws
      III. Accomplishments and Deeds
      A. Deeds of the Body
      – beauty
      – strength
      – agility
      – might
      – health
      B. Deeds of the Soul
      – justice
      – wisdom
      – temperance
      – manliness
      – piety
      C. Deeds of Fortune
      – power
      – wealth
      – friends
      – children: number & beauty of
      – fame, fortune
      – length of life
      – happy death
      IV. Comparison


  2. I noticed that too and was thinking of posting, but a poem takes the cake. Deadly, that woman. Woe to man, she is woman.

  3. Southern Expat says

    I am so flattered. This makes up for all of the people who have pointed out that mine is actually a man’s name.

  4. That poem is easy on the eyes. And I like rapey killy creep.

    And I was no where NEAR the beach this week.

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