Dead to me


The AV Club has been in something of a tailspin since most of its senior staff took off for The Dissolve. But when you give the Criterion release of Babette’s Feast a C+ and lead with a graf like this…

Anyone looking put themselves into a quick coma for some reason should consider sitting down and watching a lot of the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar winners from the ’80s and ’90s. Most of these films aren’t bad, by any means, but AMPAS tends to be drawn—even today, but especially back then—to blandly inspirational period pieces rather than to the truly vital work being done all over the world. Babette’s Feast, which won the award in 1988, exemplifies the kind of foreign film the Academy loves: tasteful, literary, unchallenging, faintly dull.


  1. Philistines!


  2. One of my all-time favorite films.

    Never alive to me.

  3. I’m going to have to watch this soon! Art Livingston, Gilbert Mag’s resident film reviewer raved about it a while back but I paid him no heed.
    Thanks for mentioning The Dissolve. Had never heard of it and what do I find on their Essential page but a brand new Hong Kong crime flick (“Drug War”) I can get for my dad to watch! He is dissatisfied with most American films, finding solace in quite a few Korean (action/historical/detective) flicks with their balance of humor, seriousness, and heroic protagonists.
    Oh and btw, I recently saw Dead Man Down and it is very good. It kind of took me by surprise opening with Farrell’s mob buddy telling him about how his life’s changed since he and his gf chose to have a kid. It was a sweet paean to fatherhood and family as the natural order of things vs the wild destructive individualism of the young gangsters.

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