Sebastian Flyte was living in New Quay.

So momentarily — ha! — I was listening to Anthony Blanche’s sly complaint, 60 years after the event, that Sebastian Flyte had stolen the narrator Charles Ryder from him.

Oh, my.

[Via The Awl.]


  1. 1. Last name Graham – mild irony that the only contemporary of Waugh’s who was not a sodomite was Graham Greene – he went to a private school (meaning public school) of mostly poor Irish chaps instead of public school (meaning private school) where buggery was an intramural sport.

    2. “virulence” of Catholicism: The writer who claims some sort of Catholic pedigree must be content to know that the Church will never, ever win in this world. Even when Leo XII, Pius X, Pius XI , and Pius XII might make you think otherwise…O’Connor didn’t have time to mourn this fact. Percy turned the sorrow into anger and made good literature out of it. Waugh – I don’t know – I think he had a bit of P.G. Wodehouse in him; perpetually living not in the Roaring 20s but the bracing Middle Ages.

    3. The detail and narrative is fine; why did he wait until now, one wonders, to spell it out…? That’s memoirs for you – leaping out of the darkness, all brindled and full of long teeth…


    • I think I know what he means by virulence. Waugh really was kind of broken by the clash of his medieval mindset and the onset of post WWII modernity. Hence The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold.

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