It’s a crazy world…

…someone oughtta sell tickets.

A Frenchman – a Frenchman! A citizen of the country that gave you the terms rendezvous, menage a trois, and cherchez la femme – charged onto the court of the French Open in protest of that country’s legalization of same-sex marriage. Scrawled on his belly? KIDS’ RIGHTS.



  1. There’s a less than 5 percent Mass attendance in France – and of that less than 5 percent, 95 percent of those who attend are Traddys.

    Apparently the Traddys have also decided to make an alliance of convenience with elements of the far right to resist this sodomite scourge.

    (This is what my French and European sources tell me.)

    In addition – apparently a good and surprisingly large chunk of the rest of France is also pissed off at the idea – having something to do with the fact that like the Italian communists, who don’t believe in God, but know that Mary is His mother, the French believe in complete egalitarianism, but will draw a bright line at any legislation that attempts to politically coop the romantic code of conduct which has made the French the lovers of the world.

    Film at eleven.


    • Jonathan Webb says

      One vital question for me is what will happen to the Town Fairy? In all seriousness, maybe the French opposition realizes that Pink Fascism will be worse than the Inquisition ever was.

    • So the French right is similar to the English Tories then? Sorta rightwing in some areas, weak in other areas?
      Then the national front pick up the slack where it comes to immigration and marriage?

  2. Jonathan Webb says
  3. As I was watching that happen live on nbc they replayed it from a few different angles but you couldnt read what he had scrawled on himself. Black would have been a better choice.
    They didnt show the banner or anyone else.
    I guess I’d be more annoyed if it had actually been a close match. Nadal had the win easily.

  4. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    How did it come to this? A citizen of the country that gave you the terms rendezvous, menage a trois, and cherchez la femme – charging onto the court of the French Open with a protest slogan scrawled on his belly in English?

    • Matthew Lickona says

      Hence the “Actually…” tag. On the other hand, perhaps this fellow sees gay marriage as another unwanted American import, like McDonalds or Disneyland.

  5. Jonathan Webb says

    Matthew, do you read the Daily Mail and is that where you got this story. I’m asking because I think it is the best “paper” in the world at this point, even though there is a tabloid quality to it. They have American news you can’t get over here. Plus a lot of just quirky interesting stuff. I find The Seattle Times and most newspapers deadly dull.

    If anyone is interested here’s a link:

  6. What I love here is the quintessentially French response to this act of…out of the ordinaryness….

    People in background: Smoking, reclined, looking half amused and bored.

    • I love the guy on the far right. Everyone else looks perturbed or at least mildly disapproving. He’s like, “Oh, here we go. This oughta be good.”

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