Why the NRA reminds me of Planned Parenthood and Vice Versa

Kirsten Powers, writing for The Daily Beast, says it well:

“The abortion clinic of alleged killer Kermit Gosnell was not illegal. But any talk of more government regulation unleashes an NRA-style assault from the abortion rights contingent.”

More here: Abortion Rights Community Has Become the NRA of the Left

Ms. Powers’ double-edged approach here reminds me of our man Walker Percy’s NYT piece back in the day: “A View of Abortion with Something to Offend Everybody.”

Are you offended?


  1. Jonathan Potter says
    • Paul S. says

      thanks for that comparison, which I can appreciate (even as a New York pistol permit owner) but thanks even more for that letter. It’s a perspective that seems to be the opposite of most opinions you hear on the mattter.
      To expand on it, I wonder if there is distinction that should be made re: life.
      Human life begins at conception… but it’s personhood that is the question?
      That would seem to allow for abortion up to 10 weeks or so if personhood is measured by how developed the fetus is, ie when personhood occurs. I’m not trying to grant a concession to the horrible abortion industry but take theology out of it for a moment… (as a side note I saw John Zmirak post an article on the “wrong” reasons to oppose same-sex marriage… most of which were based in theology or feelings) If we believe a fetus has a soul at conception but can’t prove it – its more of a problem for society than other matters of faith like transubstantiation, for ex.
      I’m trying to figure this one out. I understand the logic behind the Church’s opposition to contraception yet that’s not something we would be justified outlawing.

      • Jonathan Potter says

        Well, the question of ensoulment or personhood may not actually have much of a place in the discussion. I think that’s Percy’s point. In a pluralistic, secular society, the science of when the life of the creature begins is what we have to go on, and that’s pretty clear. Furthermore that’s supported by the judeo-christian view of the self. We aren’t a soul or mind magically inserted into a body; there is no separation, no Cartesian split. We are material beings.

        • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

          At the risk of oversimplifying, I believe the following is accurate (but I remain amenable as ever to Korrektion):

          Cartesian concept of ensoulment = modernistic concept of ensoulment = an organism’s acquisition of personhood

          Aristotlean-Thomistic concept of ensoulment = Catholic concept of ensoulment = beginning of an organism’s life, on scientific, material terms

  2. Of course, at the risk of throwing offense on the defense, there’s one big, big, BIG difference between abortion and gun ownership – and John Lott’s got the airtight skinny on it right here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0226493660/ref=nosim/?tag=johnrlotttrip-20


  3. Also, there’s this from Ms. Powers’ sometime opponent on Fox: http://www.anncoulter.com/

    Planned Parenthood, the new Hitler?

    Perhaps we should invoke some sort of corollary to Godwin’s Law?


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