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What did one Easter Island head say to the other Easter Island head?

photo copy 3

“The band’s gonna make it.”


  1. You really should have saved that slide show. I loved it.


  2. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says:

    The heathen have silver idols and golden,
    Gods which the hands of men have fashioned.

    They have mouths, and yet are silent;
    Eyes they have, and yet are sightless;

    Ears they have, and want all hearing;
    Noses, and yet no smell can reach them; […]
    Never a sound their throats may utter.

    Such be the end of all who make them,
    Such the reward of all who trust them.

  3. Jonathan Potter says:

    The Wayback Machine taunts us but fails to deliver.

  4. Well, I have my blog set to moderate comments on posts that are more than 30 days old, so I thought that might be what happened, but if y’all don’t do that, I will just write it over–although I’m sure it will probably be very different. I just didn’t want it to show up twice.


  5. After trying about 6 different things, I give up. Anyway, I really like St. Martin de Porres, and that post.


  6. Speaking of Godsbody, I really miss the Mudflap Girls.

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