McLuhan on Faith

Remember what I said about Facebook and heaven? Remember how you rent your garments? Marshall McLuhan said the same thing about the telephone in 1965.

I’ve been surf-boarding a McLuhan wave of late and mostly sucking up salt water, but having a good time. Got tubular here:

Stoked, dude.


  1. “Most of the relationships between mean are invisible.” !!! In 1970.

    I’m going to have to listen to this about 3 more times when I get to work and have a computer that doesn’t make me stop and wait for more every 63 seconds or so.


  2. The Early, Funny Angelico Nguyen says

    I think Mr McLuhan’s insights into the Rosary have a great deal of validity!

    • Yes. I had no idea he was Catholic. I knew his name in the 70s, of course, because everyone did, but I didn’t know anything about him but his famous phrase. This is a fascinating clip.


  3. If you can find them, two essays on McLuhan are very enlightening in their own way: one by Hugh Kenner and one by Tom Wolfe.


  4. Is the idea that Facebook is like heaven in some way?

    • Jonathan Potter says

      In its basic structure (and aside from its well-known problematic issues of privacy infringement and crass commercialization) Facebook eliminates barriers of time and space in a crude but compelling approximation of the communion of saints.

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