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“The word ‘Korrektiv’ is taken from the Dutch philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, who wantd to provide what he called a ‘korrektiv’ to the German secular philosophy of his day. The Korrektiv Press “started as a group blog between a few converts to Catholicism who shared an interest in Kierkegaard and Walker Percy,” Lickona said. Members of the Korrektiv “discuss projects, we read and edit each others’ work, and in some cases, we collaborate,” Lickona said.

So far, the group has published a book of poetry called House of Words by Jonathan Potter, a novel called Birds Nest in Your Hair by Brian Jobe, and Surfing with Mel. Also in the Korrektiv pipeline [is] the story of the Great Seattle Fire told in Pushkin sonnets and a collection of short stories based on ancillary characters in the works of Walker Percy.”

– “Mel Gibson Becomes a Character in ‘Korrektiv’ Catholic Fiction,” by Cyril Jones-Kellett, The Southern Cross [diocesan newspaper for San Diego], April, 2013.


  1. I am less an antic Dutchman than a Dane.

  2. I have high hopes for the future of the Korrektiv Press.
    Next up, we need Korrektiv Records, showcasing the best in dylanesque music bits and marian-haunted chicago techno/disco/house
    and yes I asked her and she’s referring to Mary not some cheeky play on words re: the aging pop star.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      Alas, Good Country People’s song “Play Me” is neither dylanesque nor techno. But it is coming out on the Korrektiv label this Friday. Thanks for the link and the high hopes!

      • heh well good lyrics & vocals are all you need for starters. then somebody can remix it/sample it into an underground minimal tune, and before you know it, your song’s the toast of the Panorama Bar like this. Maybe I’m still hoping to find a tune that can not only top this one, but claim to have been written by a “bad catholic.”
        I can hear it in your lyrics…
        “And he makes me sing like an angel
        And he makes me sigh just like a child
        And he makes me howl
        Like a wolf on the prowl
        Right before it goes wild”
        you’d be suprised with what’s possible. But I’m just a dreamer with no expertise in that field, heh.
        The closest thing to what I’m seeking has been life and death label if only for the label name and logo as a memento mori and the “fresh water” ep that’s on that page, which sort of approaches the same style. True, dance music typically doesn’t lend itself to wordy songs, but a good sample essentially allows for cross promotion between the more folksy songs and the electronic.
        Oh well, I’m looking forward to hearing that song you wrote.

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