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I chopped some chops

Here are the beauties before the action gets hot:


And here, during.


And again, during (man with fag is master butcher/griller of the operation).


And again, about to come off…


(They were consumed too quickly for any presentation shots. But then again, life is a series of frustrations, in’nit?)


  1. Matthew Lickona says:

    Nobody likes you and nobody wants your stupid chops, anyway.

  2. The man with the fag looks like some don’t-tread-on-me type.

    Time for an audit.

    • The Man says:

      And he has a barn. Sweep his field! Run some tests. He may be illegally and/or unknowingly growing Monsanto crops. One way or another, we’ll get the likes of him.

  3. Tobacco and freshly killed, freshly grilled pig.

    Oh, the good life.

  4. Jonathan Potter says:

    Next week’s special: Rocky Mountain Oysters.

  5. Southern Expat says:

    I don’t have anything to add, but let the record show that I was here.

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