Fire at the Stetson and Post Mill


Keene quickly jumped back onto the pier,
then hurried to the Stetson and Post Mill,
where his brother Abner was a partner. Near
the mill, Albert saw him carrying saws, a drill,
and other tools to safety as the conflagration
began to engulf the quay. At least a ton
of the most expensive machinery remained,
soon to be melted. “Nothing to be gained
by staying with it,” said Abner. “I’ll bargain
we’ll save it yet,” said Albert, right defiant.
Picking up a hot saw, he began cutting a giant
circle in the floorboards—for the pump organ
was on his mind. The gear kept getting hotter,
until Albert just dropped it all in the water.


  1. Jonathan Potter says

    Man, you are on fire, and filling in important matter for our story. Are you going for broke? What about the sequel to this one, where they escape in a raft and worry their womanfolk sick by not returning home until the wee hours?

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