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Captain Edward Quinn


Most possessions stacked on the docks
were lost to the flames. A few were able
to be loaded onto ships, whose decks
were heaped high with luxuries like rubble.
As if on cue, the ships weighed anchor
and backed into Elliot Bay, passenger
and crew alike crowding the gunnels
to watch buildings turned into funnels
of smoke. Special mention, nay, rhymes
are required for Captain Edward Quinn
of the schooner Teaser, who rescued ten
crates of books owned by The Seattle Times.
As for those belonging to The Post Intelligencer,
Go ask the flames if you want an answer.


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    Deal is that Potter challenged me. Going to bed now.

  2. It’s in the PI.

  3. These are excellent. Except the challenge was to write one damn sonnet, not four.

  4. Not only that, but you turned your Percy conference proposal in a week ahead of time. You’re on a roll, mofo.

  5. So, are Traffic, Challenge Accepted and The Malaise all A.I. entities?

  6. Yes.

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