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Joseph Mitchell on Peter Arno

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“Arno’s interest in the Civil War had its effect. Although he seldom talks about it, he is a fair student of the war. He has a collection of biographies and histories and his hero is General Nathan Bedford Forrest, who captured 31,000 prisoners. (He is partisan, holding out for the South, although his father’s people were New Englanders and his mother was English.) The point is that he was ‘impressed by the grace and the decency and the customs of the civilization of the South,’ and he used what he read about civilization as a basis of comparison when he observed his contemporaries. It was, of course, an unjust comparison. However, he found his contemporaries lacking.”

– Joseph Mitchell, My Ears are Bent


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Fergit? Hayll!

  2. You tryin’ to start sumpthin heah?


  3. Hysterical cartoon. Thanks.

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